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Dr Spas Spasov, Unites Veterinary Clinic

Fibrosarcoma in rabbits are malignancy rapidly grow soft tissues tumor. Can affect cats dogs and rabbits . The couse of fibrosarcoma in rabbit also can be a viral infection (polyomavirus, malignant rabbit fibroma virus)

Clinical case

Case description

Rabbit, female , entire , 5 years old was evaluated because of sings of anorexia and apathy .


The owners reported that a week ago the rabbit progressively stops eating. The last two days it didn’t eat at all. Тhe rabbit has regularly deworming and vaccination. The rabbit eats hay and rabbit granules only and lives in an apartment and never go outside, there are no others animals in the apartment.

Clinical manifestations Anorexia, cachexia, apathy, unilateral uveitis, normal temperature (38.5). Clinical examination revealed all of the body (back, neck, abdomen and all the legs) nodules, which are not painful, mobile, not tempered and pigmented .The size of the nodules was variable from 1 to 5 centimeters. Some nodules were ulcerated and bleeding, and still painless. Such formations are not observed in the nose and the ears, and the front part of the head.

Diagnostic approach:

We did not find any abnormalities on the X-ray examination of the chest and abdomen. A nodule was surgically removed by cutting.

Symptomatic therapy was appointed until the results of the histopathological examination:
  • Metoclopramide-0,5mg / kg
  • Ranitidine-4 mg / kg
  • Simethicone-65mg / rabbit
  • Meloxicam-1mg / kg
  • Enrofloxacin, 10 mg / kg
  • Intravenous infusion Hartman 4ml / kg / hour.
So designated therapy lasted about 10 days pending the results of pathological examination The condition of the animal slightly improved, which is expressed in phrases in appearance of appetite. The animal took small amounts of food.



The prognosis for this type of tumors is garded to poor. Because of poor condition of the patient and the prognosis owners decided to euthanased the rabbit.

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